Set yourself up for 2017

Brett Stene shares his top tips for achieving your financial goals this year.

Learning to say no to things that undermine your ability to save is key to getting your finances in order, says Jacaranda Financial Planning principal Brett Stene.

In this video, he shares his top tips for financial security with personal finance educator Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon. This starts with putting an end to bad behaviour and over-indulging.

“Say no to the third cup of coffee in the morning,” he says. “Or, after you’ve been on a night out, don’t go out the night after.”

If this is easier said than done, he suggests outsourcing the ability to resist temptation to a financial adviser who can hold you accountable.

To truly progress with life-long financial goals, Stene suggests putting more money into superannuation. 

“There is no better place to build wealth than superannuation,” he says. “So we need to work out how to get our money into super. That might be through salary sacrifice or it may be through [committing] after-tax money.” 

January 2017