Download our ‘Money & Life’ ebook

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2017, ANZ Women launches its first ebook: 'Money & Life'. 

Seeing women taking control of their finances and work toward a financially secure future has been the mission of ANZ Women and the bank’s #equalfuture campaign since mid 2015. At the heart of this is creating awareness and strategies to remediate the low levels of retirement savings that women have compared with men.

Our first ebook launches today, on International Women’s Day 2017 – a collation of the best content on ANZ Women that explores this inequality and ways that women can gain greater financial control.

We’ve divided our ebook into five chapters, laying bare the ‘systemic’ issues of financial inequality and launching into simple solutions for women to improve their financial wellbeing.

  • Chapter 1: Thought leaders features leading Australians considering how ‘systems’ work against women’s financial wellbeing and how to overcome those pressures.
  • Chapter 2: Getting the money basics right explores the foundations of good money management, from how technology can help to ways to talk to your partner.
  • Chapter 3: How real women overcome financial challenges are stories of women facing debt, striving to get ahead and sharing lessons they’ve learnt on those journeys.
  • Chapter 4: Managing the work-life juggle considers issues women face in caring for dependents and progressing their career.
  • Chapter 5: Looking after your future self surveys foundational and life-changing issues women face and how best to handle them to ensure a financially secure future.